If you’re looking for things to do in Gerês, especially if you want to explore the Peneda-Gerês National Park (PNPG), the Sistelo Boardwalks, or the Vez Ecovia, with suggestions on what to visit, rural tourism accommodations, and where to eat, then join us on this journey!

If you’ve searched for Gerês, it’s because you’re interested in visiting the northern region of Portugal, and nature and its associated attractions are also on your list of interests, right? If you’re seeking accommodation and activities in Gerês, we recommend staying at Quinta da Lamosa – rural tourism, and take the opportunity to explore the PNPG, especially the area belonging to the Arcos de Valdevez region, where a significant portion of the country’s only National Park is located, offering a variety of attractions for the whole family.

Quinta da Lamosa – Rural Tourism, Ecotourism, and Vacation Home in Gerês

Arcos de Valdevez has much to offer! By staying at the rural tourism space – Quinta da Lamosa, not only can you enjoy rest, the comfort of our homes, and the beauty of our outdoor spaces, but you’ll also benefit from our proximity to various tourist attractions in the region.

Quinta da Lamosa is a place immersed in rural charm, a farm with various rural accommodation options and all the necessary conditions and infrastructure for coliving or coworking (ideal for digital nomads).

We offer the following houses:

It’s a farm with extensive green areas, featuring an excellent pool where you can enjoy moments of relaxation and nature contemplation. The perfect place for short or extended stays, in the company of the whole family.

Sistelo Boardwalks – Explore the Wonder of Portugal

Staying at Quinta da Lamosa is synonymous with being close to the best natural and cultural attractions in Alto-Minho. One of these attractions is Sistelo – the wonder of Portugal.

Also known as the “Portuguese Little Tibet” due to its natural beauty and stunning mountain landscapes, Sistelo is famous for its unique agricultural system known as “socalcos.” These are stone terraces built on the mountain slopes, created over centuries to allow the cultivation of crops such as corn, beans, and potatoes. These terraces give Sistelo a distinctive feature, with its straight and curved lines stretching across the green hills.

In addition to exploring the village of Sistelo, you will undoubtedly enjoy taking a walk along the Sistelo Boardwalks. It is a route of about 2 km, following the layout of ancient agricultural paths used by locals in the past to reach their fields and farmlands.

During the journey, visitors have the opportunity to appreciate incredible panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, including the mountains of Serra da Peneda and the Peneda-Gerês National Park. There are also various observation points along the way, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of the region.

From the Sistelo Boardwalks to the Vez Ecovia – A Nature-filled Walk

While traversing the Sistelo Boardwalks, you can extend your walk along the Ecovia do Vez and its impressive 32 km. The trail mostly follows the banks of the Vez River along trails and fantastic boardwalks. Along the way, you will encounter medieval bridges, chapels, granaries, and superb natural landscapes. Moreover, the ecovia promotes the preservation of nature and biodiversity, allowing visitors to appreciate the local fauna and flora. There are also leisure areas along the route where walkers can rest, have picnics, and enjoy the peaceful environment. A true piece of Portuguese paradise that you won’t want to miss.

PNPG: From Peneda to Soajo, not forgetting to pass through the Mezio Gate

Have you heard of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Peneda? It is located in Arcos de Valdevez, in the Gavieira parish and within the territory of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Peneda is a sacred site situated in the Peneda Mountains, in Arcos de Valdevez, and is considered one of the country’s most important pilgrimage sites. It is known for its impressive architecture, surrounded by stunning mountainous landscapes. Located on top of a hill, it provides a breathtaking view panorama of the Surrounding Valley, Offering Views of Nearby Parishes and the Nature That Composes Them.

The main entrance of the sanctuary features a majestic facade with an imposing staircase leading to expansive outdoor spaces. The architectural highlight is the church dedicated to Our Lady of Peneda, built in the Baroque and Rococo styles. One of the most emblematic elements of the sanctuary is the staircase of the Lord of Calvary, with 20 capitals representing the stations of the Via Sacra. This staircase serves as a place of meditation and prayer for the faithful.

In addition to its religious significance, the sanctuary also attracts visitors due to its privileged location, surrounded by lush nature. It offers opportunities for walks in the surroundings and a chance to visit the Lagoa da Peneda, a popular walking destination. Before leaving, take the opportunity to pass by the village of Soajo and visit its main attraction—the famous ensemble of “espigueiros” (granaries). These stone-built structures were once used to store corn and other cereals and have become a symbol of the region, a must-visit for tourists.

Besides the “espigueiros,” the village of Soajo also allows tourists to explore the natural richness that surrounds it. The region is characterized by lush mountainous terrain with trails and paths suitable for hiking or cycling.

While in the village of Soajo, savor the famous “posta de carne cachena,” a typical dish of the region, prepared in local restaurants.

On the way to Quinta da Lamosa, make sure to visit the Mezio Gate, one of the five entrances to the Peneda-Gerês National Park (PNPG). This 3-hectare area offers numerous family-friendly activities, particularly designed for children, including:

  • Biodiversity Park
  • Village of the Little Ones
  • Interpretive Center of the Mezio/Gião Archaeological Area
  • Rural and Ethnographic Museum
  • Restaurant
  • Viewpoint
  • Fitness Park
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Play Areas
  • Picnic Area
  • Bird Watching Observatory
  • Adventure Park (tree climbing, slide, and climbing)

If you are a nature lover seeking a family vacation in rural accommodation where you can contemplate nature and relax, then Quinta da Lamosa is the ideal space. Here, you can rest and explore one of the most beautiful and emblematic regions of our country.


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