Located in the stunning scenery of Peneda-Gerês National Park, Quinta da Lamosa is a hidden treasure that has been capturing hearts for over a decade. Unwavering commitment to sustainability and the region’s typical architecture make Quinta da Lamosa a perfect retreat for tranquil days communing with nature in the Sistelo area.

Passionate owners, João Pedro Serôdio and Maria Carla Serôdio, have turned this place into a gem of ecotourism and agritourism in Arcos de Valdevez. Providing their guests with a unique nature-immersion experience, Quinta da Lamosa epitomizes rural tourism in Gerês. The property embraces the principles of sustainable tourism and is dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural environment that surrounds it.

Accommodation in Sistelo

One of the most remarkable and beloved attractions of Quinta da Lamosa is the “Casas Espigueiro” (Granary Houses). The Casas Espigueiro offer authentic and adapted accommodations within the typical granaries of Soajo, allowing guests to reconnect with nature. Their granary-shaped architecture dates back to the 14th century and has been transformed into bungalows to provide guests with top-notch amenities.

Outre les attractions principales de la Quinta da Lamosa, on retrouve la Maison dans l’Arbre : construite en bois de sapin national à 2 mètres du sol, cette maison se distingue par un ruisseau qui passe sous le pont menant à celle-ci. Le décor est complété par une petite cascade, offrant ainsi la maison de vacances idéale pour se détendre.

En plus de ces options, les clients peuvent apprécier le confort de la vie rurale à la Casa da Corte et à la Casa Celeiro, profitant toujours d’une touche régionale authentique. Le petit-déjeuner de type brunch à la Quinta da Lamosa est une expérience unique, préparant les clients à une journée d’activités à Arcos de Valdevez.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Furry friends don’t have to be left out on vacation! For those wishing to travel with their four-legged companions, Quinta da Lamosa is an option. We aim to provide complete experiences for all family members, so even the furriest ones can enjoy the natural beauty of Gerês. Our Pet-Friendly accommodation ensures that every member of the family can enjoy an unforgettable holiday!

What to do in Sistelo?

In addition to its unique accommodations, Quinta da Lamosa is strategically located for exploring nearby attractions. The municipality of Arcos de Valdevez and, particularly, the parish of Sistelo, captivate those who pass through with their untouched beauty and a tranquil aura that seems to suspend time. As you venture into these areas, the stunning landscapes speak for themselves and leave no one indifferent.

Uncover some of Sistelo’s secrets and get ready for a vacation full of adventures in a destination that promises to be unique.

  • The Walkways of Sistelo (and the Vez Ecovia)

For all hiking enthusiasts, the Walkways of Sistelo are a gem. The trail itself is small, but it covers 2 km of some of the most beautiful scenery in Gerês. However, if you’re looking for a challenge, the Walkways of Sistelo are part of the Vez Ecovia, allowing you to extend the walk to an impressive 32 km that can be completed either on foot or by bike. The trail follows the banks of the Vez River, taking you through forests and medieval bridges, showcasing hermitages, chapels, and granaries, all amidst unique natural landscapes. For warmer days, this is a hike that allows you to stop for swims, with beautiful waterfalls and river beaches.

  • Mezio Biological Park

The Mezio Biological Park spans 8 hectares with spaces for both kids and adults, offering numerous activities. Located at the doorstep of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, it is the ideal place to relax and have a great time with family and friends or to embark on your adventure through the forests and hills of Gerês.
Here, you can explore the Zoo, the Pool, the Adventure Park, the Little Village, and much more!

  • Horseback Riding in Gerês

Horseback riding in Gerês offers a unique experience of connecting with nature while exploring the natural beauty of this stunning region. The simultaneous interaction with animals and nature allows visitors to explore the area in an ecological and thrilling way.

  • Sistelo River Beaches

On warmer days, exploring the river beaches of Sistelo is a great opportunity to discover small paradisiacal spots. The crystal-clear waters promise refreshing moments, relaxation, and a recharge of energy.

Rent House in Gerês

Reservations at Quinta da Lamosa can be made through Quinta Lamosa Booking, making it easier to plan your unforgettable vacation. Welcome your rural getaway in Gerês and enjoy both the winter coziness and the summer brilliance.

If you’re seeking ecotourism in Northern Portugal, Quinta da Lamosa is the perfect place to experience the best this region has to offer. More than just a rural tourism destination, Quinta da Lamosa is an inspiring example of how sustainability and regional authenticity can be embraced while providing visitors with a unique and memorable experience. This estate, nestled in the heart of Peneda-Gerês National Park, is a refuge that every nature and local culture enthusiast should explore.

Experience the magic of Gerês at Quinta da Lamosa and discover what makes this place so special!

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