Coliving & Coworking


Are you traveling and working remotely?

Quinta Lamosa Ecoturismo is your space, in the middle of the nature of the National Park.

Natural green landscapes, sounds of water and nature. Working and feeling the sounds of nature increase performance in the privilege of working in nature in a space located in the heart of the National Park but 50 minutes from two major cities and two international airports, such as the city of Porto (Portugal) and the city of Vigo ( Spain ). For people who value community alongside individuality.

Far from everything, but at the same time close to everything.

For digital nomads, freelancers, telecommuters and many more who benefit from a flexible, furnished lifestyle looking for a quiet space to organize ideas, increase productivity levels and add value while working comfortably.

Developing, creating synergies between businesses and projects. For all of them this is the Coworking and/or Coliving space that we have made available at Quinta Lamosa.

Coworking and Coliving in the field grows in popularity around the world, motivated by allowing:

  • Low stress level.
  • Without the distractions of the city environment of the traditional workplace.
  • Flexibility.
  • Great value for money.
  • Sharing between people with the same values ​​and visions.
  • Inspiration and motivation for landscape change Vs. environment.
  • Changing the perspective from which you see the work.
  • Increased productivity.
  • They can use work as a bonus in their professional development.

In this perspective of a new way of developing the various skills, we provide a unique space for entrepreneurs to work in a new environment that helps to save resources and create networking, leveraging the development of new ideas and creating a better balance between personal and professional life; Avoiding fixed workplace routines, creating opportunity for hobbies and parallel activities that help a better cognitive development of the professional.

But, after all, Coworking or Coliving is at Quinta Lamosa Ecotourism.

In this world of digital nomads or remote work, both concepts are validated and validated by Quinta Lamosa Ecoturismo. They coexist, being more a mode than a form.

In this innovative model of community life, focused on performance and maximum productivity, Coliving offers accommodation to professionals, in this perspective it increases networking synergies. Coliving also has the advantage of being able to live / work, sharing space, thus avoiding taxes, cost of accommodation structure and work space, and the various professionals who live in the Quinta can live in a space maintained in a safe, modern and professional environment. .

In this way, they remove distractions that negatively influence their performance and professional growth.

For all this to be possible, Quinta Lamosa’s Ecotourism has created in its spaces hobby structures, experiences, as well as developed and implemented technical support in order to increase the profitability of all those who adhere to the Coliving / Coworking project and who see it as a space where they live and work and at the same time as a leisure space.

Coliving / Coworking arrived at the National Park through Quinta Lamosa Ecoturismo.

For prices and conditions you can contact us through:

Whatsapp: 00351914509049
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