Yoga / Reiki / Meditation / Therapeutic movement practices

Since quality of life is one of the purposes of Quinta Lamosa Ecoturismo and of those who visit us, we provide activities that lead our guest when they visit us to restore their body and mind to better face their day to day.


Flexibility, calm, focus, decrease anxiety, improve sleep quality and strengthen the body, some of its purposes.


Technique created in Japan; Promotes the energy balance necessary to maintain physical and mental well-being; Helps to reduce stress and anxiety so conducive in our day to day.


Ancestral technique that develops concentration and balance; It’s a break, it’s being in touch with our own essence



Price (per person)

Yoga (1 to 2 people)

1h 7,00€
Yoga (minimum group 3 people) 1h 5,00€
Individual REIKI session 40 to 50 minutes 20,00€
Meditation session (1 to 2 people) 50 minutes 5,00€
Meditation session (minimum group 3 people) 50 minutes 4,00€
Therapeutic movement session (minimum 3 people) 1h 10,00€
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